Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Seizing the Limited Days

A few weeks ago I signed up for the blood drive happening at Mercy today, and then last week I went and got a tattoo forgetting about the blood drive. Luckily Illinois is a regulated state (sterile, single-use needles), so I can still donate. Yay for body art and civic duties!

Yesterday after my morning meeting with the Mercy writers, Steph and I headed out to a local park for a picnic, reading, and sunbathing. Luckily we know of a park that's close, but still mostly undiscovered, so we had some privacy. Except for the lady with two dogs who kept trying to attack walkers/bikers/runners.

After the park, Steph, Brit and I walked down to Millennium Park to take in New Music Mondays, then it was off to the aiport to get Bails. She's only here until tomorrow, when she flies out to Uruguay, but we're making good use of her time here by sleeping in and watching trashy TV.

There are more things going on around here (summer activities w/ the guys, trying to figure out what's happening after July 26, block parties), but I'm a little overwhelmed with it all and would rather hang out in the moments that are currently happening...I don't have much time left as a full-time volunteer!


  1. OK tell gma what you felt was worth being on your beautiful body/

  2. It's a sparrow on my back, Gma. See Matthew 10:29. Pictures coming once it heals fully!