Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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I survived another month experiment! Here's what I learned about photography during May:

1) Taking pictures draws more attention to you than writing poetry. Obviously I could write my daily poem in the privacy of my computer room, whereas photographer looks very similar to tourist when your camera of choice is a broken Kodak from 2006.

2) It was also more time consuming to post pictures than it was to write poetry, believe it or not. Mostly because I have no wireless internet on my laptop, so I'd have to import the pictures, then haul my laptop down the hallway and connect, then post. It's just a lot more technical than spewing out some pretty lines.

3) When you are looking, a lot of things seem photo-worthy. I, however, am horrible at bringing my camera with me. I've gotten a lot better after this month.

4) Many times I felt like I was in Rome again, except in Rome, literally everything is photogenic. Chicago has some beautiful scenes, but not like Rome. Also, I was clearly a tourist in Rome, so I felt okay acting out the part by taking tons of pictures. I don't exactly want to be pegged a tourist in Chicago when I have the option of looking like a local.

Now it's June, and I have less than two months left of my service year. We have a lot of things planned, community- and agency-wise, but one of my main goals for the summer is to enjoy what everyone says is the best part of this city. Honestly, the whole winter I heard, "Don't worry, Chicago in the summer makes this all worth it." I don't know if you all remember the Snowpocalypse, but I do. So. I'm expecting to be on a boat several times before the Lake freezes again.

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