Monday, March 7, 2011

Los Bulls

Today during the Bulls v. Heat game I noticed the jerseys with "Los Bulls" and "El Heat" instead of the regular "Bulls" and "Heat." My coworker told me they do this for NBA's Noche Latina. We both wondered why they didn't take it all the way, and put "Los Toros" on the jerseys. Or, for that matter, why they didn't just put "Toros." The regular ones don't say "The Bulls."

A quick google search let me know I wasn't the first to wonder this, or the first to recognize the slight controversy in choosing what to put on the jerseys. There are several different schools of thought, as seen in the comments of this article and this blog post. Both were written several years ago, and even though people still comment on the wording, I guess the proper noun argument won. I still think a full translation is worth thinking about. As both posts say, it works for baseball.

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