Saturday, March 19, 2011

Green Egg Rolls?

This week the Misfits & Bandits learned that Chinatown does not celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

I started off the day Kate on our one-on one, a walk to the library to drop off books, then up and down Taylor Street until we found a small Greek place with falafel sandwiches. I've really grown to love falafel, even if everytime I eat it I think "Falafel, Faloofah" and can't take the food seriously.

Then Kate, Cookiie, Britney & I headed back out to explore Chinatown. It was such a beautiful day, which made it the perfect day to just wander around the few blocks that comprise the bulk of Chinatown--the pedestrian mall and several streets lined with Chinese bakeries, trinket shops, and food places.

No where, though, did we see people wearing green (except several white people). Makes sense--I don't even really celebrate St. Patrick's Day. The most my roommates got me to do was wear my Shamrocks for Kids pin on my shirt.

The best parts of our adventure where recognizing the Chicago Fire Department building featured in a recent episode of The Chicago Code and getting a man with a long beard to take our picture. When Cookiie told him she liked his beard, he said that he had been growing it for 25 years and that he met Jackie Chan once and he had pulled on it. Classic.

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