Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today was a day for miracles. Most Thursdays are around here, though. First, Britney and I took one of our cars in for servicing, and it came back cleaned! We actually didn't recognize it when the guy pulled up. He literally had to tell us it was our car.

The next miracle came in an email telling us we each had items to pick up at the library. This was only miraculous because we both had time to go today and actually wanted to go...I requested my item back in October, which makes the Chicago Public Library interlibrary loan system hugely underwhelming and not miraculous at all, really. We'll still count it.

With those errands out of the way, we were free to clean out both fridges in our apartment. I haven't really been eating from either one lately due to the mysterious smells coming from them. Now the shelves are so clean, you almost don't see them. The best part was cleaning with the windows open for a fresh breeze. Success!

Because our simple living challenge this week is to not use the cars, Shannon and I spent time this afternoon getting groceries and schlepping them the several blocks back to our apartment from Dominick's. Then Britney and I cooked tacos and were surprised by another miracle: Shamrock Shakes! In February! Okay, so maybe we gave Pat less-than-subtle hints about our craving them, but still, the shakes were an awesome appetizer for family dinner.

Really, the night can only get better. I'll be entering food coma status shortly, then before you know it, it'll be Shore Time.

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