Thursday, February 24, 2011


The weather can't decide what it's doing, and apparently neither can I. I've been wandering around my apartment for the past hour, starting a load of laundry, making one of my roommates braid my hair, eating trail mix, and posting insightful quotes on the bulleting board in my room. And now giving short updates on my last week:

Children and parents in my apartment this weekend = waking up earlier than usual, getting fed an awesome meal, embracing my inner child.

I also attempted running this weekend. And by running, I mean jog-wheezing for two miles. The most important part was that I got outside before it started to snow in Chicago again. Or rain. Or both at the same time, which was the case on Sunday.

A happy mistake gave me Sunday off this week, such a rare luxury, but I felt very out of my element the entire day. I got to check out Soul City Church, which is just across the street from us. It's a great space and seemed like a young crowd (they've only been in the building for several months). I liked the message juxtaposing Chicago's homeless, underprivileged, and under-served with it's awesome accomplishments, architecture, and rich cultural background. It's funny (not funny-ha ha) how such things coexist without many questioning it.

Back to work on Monday, my staff team met to revise the handbook each youth is supposed to get. Five hours later, I felt like I had spent the day in the Writing Center. It was not an awful feeling. I also loved having a day shift and being home before dark. I ate dinner, read the newspaper, and watched Anderson Cooper 360 like a real person.

Civic Duties Rule! I voted yesterday in the mayoral election. Chicago had no Republican candidates, so this was the real thing, not a primary. It would have gone to a runoff between the top two candidates had Rahm not claimed a clear majority with 55% of the vote, but alas, I won't be voting for mayor again this year.

Today was blood drive day at Mercy Home. The MercyWorkers showed up in full force, aka 57% of us donated throughout the day. I also made the mistake of wearing heels to work today, which for some reason made one of my guys ask if I was getting married. I went with it.

And I heard/read today that Wal-Mart is moving to my neighborhood. WHA? I'm not sure yet if it's good or bad.

Up next: acupuncture and spiritual direction tomorrow, along with supply shopping for the house so we can do more laundry and brush our teeth.

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