Monday, March 15, 2010

the daily grind, more or less

This is what a typical day might look like if I were a professional writer. (At least, this is sort of how I imagine it.)

Let's pretend I have a deadline at 5 PM on this imaginary day.

6:00 AM Wake up, go to the bathroom, go back to bed.

9:56 The birds are chirping and the sun is in my eyes...wake up for real. Find clean clothes. Cereal, coffee, leftover mac and cheese for breakfast.

10:16 Realize I have no car. Walk to the bank to cash tax refund check.

10:45 Detour at thrift store on the way home. Find heels in coral, but also size 7.5. Lament huge feet.

11:10 Detour at Gma and Gpa's house, still on the way home. Drink cappuccino and read newspaper from 1950.

12:15 Pizza Hut lunch buffet with Gma.

1:40 Finally make it home. Turn on laptop and gather several books. Type a few sentences.

2:00 America's Next Top Model is on. Forget what I was supposed to do while I watch.

2:37 Type a sentence.

3:00 Turn off TV and promise to get something written. Erase previously typed sentence.

3:30 Inspiration strikes. Write for fifteen minutes straight.

4:00 Fill out March Madness basketball brackets. Choose Kansas to go all the way.

4:34 Reorganize several paragraphs. Erase them. Undo erase. Shuffle more sentences. Cut. Paste.

4:42 Send in work, early even. Celebrate with leftover fajitas and pudding.

Alright, so it probably isn't exactly like this, but this is more or less what my actual day today looked like. I got exponentially more productive at about 6 PM, when I decided to reorganize my parents' spice cupboard, pantry, refrigerator, and bookshelves. Simultaneously.

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  1. you've completely forgotten to mention the part of your day where postmaster kaiser picks you up in the mail truck for a spin around colby.