Friday, May 29, 2009

New Adventures!

Hi again everyone!! Hopefully you are still checking here because I have decided to keep posting blog updates.

This time I am back in America, but it might as well be a foreign county here in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. And this blog will remain "as the romans do" even though I am no longer technically living like a Roman because in ways I am. (I'm continuing to eat pasta at every chance I get, at least.)

For those of you who don't know, I am spending the summer here in NMB, SC on something called a Summer Project. It is through Cru, and interdenominational group on tons of campuses across the United States & in other countries. For ten weeks, us 94 students and about 30 staff members will live here & get jobs within the community (fast food, mini golf, coffee places, grocery stores, etc.) while we learn about ourselves, each other, & our personal spiritual growth.

The days are reserved for our jobs (I have not found one yet, but I'm working on it...Italian tutoring, anyone? Personal chef?) and nights are reserved for group activities.

Mondays are Bible Study nights with our housemates (I have five). Tuesdays are spent exploring the community and meeting tourists. Wednesdays are called "Date Night w/ Jesus"--pretty much we get 2.5 hours of quiet time (and for me lots of journaling). Thursdays are group meetings--worship music, speakers, etc. Fridays are our nights off. Saturdays are social activities with our group. Sundays are Impact Group nights (Women's bible study + Men's bible study = Impact (or family) group).

The other night my staff mentor and I got to talk to two women from Russia who are also living here for the summer. We talked about each of our spiritual beliefs and found out what they thought of America so far (it's loud). It was really great to talk to some of the international population here (NMB is a lot similar to the Dells or Door County in the summer) and I felt a connection to them, out on their own in a foreign country.

Besides job hunting and general orientation, I have been meeting SO MANY PEOPLE! With 94 of us, it feels like I am meeting my high school class all over again. By the end of these ten weeks I should have all the names down.

It is getting a little late so I am going to close up now just with another thank you and miss you and love you to everyone!

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