Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Finals week overview

Three finals down...two to go.

Art History was probably the hardest since it had the most memorization--all of those statues and monuments and temples and tombs. I was happy with the B+ I got on my Appian Way paper, though.

My next final was not until Tuesday at 6 so Monday and most of Tuesday I spent walking around Rome, around the apartment, trying to find something to occupy myself. This week has been the longest of my life! I am waiting for these finals to be over and for my visitors to finally's like waiting for 10 Christmas mornings, I swear.

My stats final was kind of a joke, sad to say. I got pretty angry when I saw two of my classmates blatantly sharing answers in front of me as our professor twiddled his thumbs at the front of the room. I'm already getting over 100% in that class from extra credit questions on our tests so I'm not worried about my grade. Funny considering I avoid math at all costs.

And then I had my history final this morning, another hard one with a lot to remember. This time it was most of the emperors from Augustus down to Romulus Augustus plus all the extra events--the third century crisis, Roman entertainment, Roman funerals, Mithraism. (Would you like me to elaborate? I just finished the final so it's all still fresh in my head. No, I won't bore you... :) )

Now I'm waiting around until 3, when I have my social research methods final. I already have 25% of it finished by bringing in an abstract of my thesis project and the rest won't be bad. The professor already told me he grades mine differently since I am an English major, not political science like the rest of the class.

And Italian is tomorrow morning at 9. Again, nothing to worry about since it's Italian 101 and our professor loves us. Seriously, she has tried her hardest to make Italian a breeze for us. It's sad that Italian is basically a dead language - only Italians speak it, it's not like they have any colonies like the British or French to spread their language around. I would enjoy continuing with Italian if I could find it at home, even just to speak it for myself. Sure, Spanish and Japanese and Mandarin are all useful languages to know...but they aren't beautiful like Italian!

But that's my finals it's just about time for me to start packing up! It so feels like I just got here and unpacked. The time flew. Luckily I will have a week to say goodbye to all of my favorite places while I play tour guide for Mom, Donna, Grandma, and Ruth!

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  1. waiting for my ride to the airport . . . we'll be there soon!