Monday, May 11, 2009

American Invasion

Visitors are here! We have no wi-fi in our apartment, but we did find this cafe with an internet connection. The week has gone well with the only catastrophe being my and Grandma's time spent stuck in an elevator. With two Italian women who decided the best way to solve our problem would be to pound on the door and shout "Aiuto!" (Help!). We did get out though (obviously!).

I took them around my neighborhood and today we spent the day at the Vatican and St. Peter's Basilica. Before the end of the week I have been told we need to find a Hard Rock Cafe and a Harley-Davidson store so that's what's coming up!

Our apartment is nice and the beds are there is a gelateria and a bar/cafe not far!

Hugs and kisses from everyone!

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  1. dad says: great to hear from you, whos idea to lock grandma in the elevator Gwenns or Ruths :),