Friday, May 1, 2009


I'm done with classes, as of last night at 8. All I have left is five finals--starting with Art History on Sunday. Don't ask why they started finals so early--there are ones on Saturday as well--and they go until Friday. There are only maybe 700 students here so it should be easy to fit all the finals within one week, sans weekend. I'm pretty sure most schools in America manage that. But leave it to John Cabot to stretch things out.

John Cabot isn't a bad school in itself, it's just the administration is so Italian, ie, nothing ever gets done. There is an extreme lack of organization that unfortunately hurts the students the most. It's hard to believe there are actually degree-seeking students there, people who have decided to go there all four years. I know I couldn't do it. As much as I love Rome and know I am going to miss it when I come home, I really miss SNC and having a good, solid school.

Oh yes. But I only have finals to get through, and I'm not too worried about any of them. These grades only transfer as pass or fail, meaning I need to get a "C" and then I get credit for the courses. The actual grade doesn't factor into my GPA.

But yes, John Cabot has decided to fill our last weekend with finals. Not any today since today is Labor Day in Italy--everything is closed. It's kind of funny since they close shop every Sunday anyways and now they get Friday off as well.

What to do with these Italians?

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