Thursday, October 6, 2016

Things My Students Say 5

Student: Ms K, could a lot of ants carry you?

Me: [Name], why is your pencil all chewed up?
Student: I'm hungry.

Student A, seeing another student's open math book: You got the hot dog homework?
Student B: The what?
Student A, pointing to a picture of a hot dog on the open page: The hot dog homework!!
Student A, to the student next to him: Yo, you got the hot dog homework?

While researching zebra mussels online: Zebra, this can't be right.

Me: [Name], I need you at a zero voice level right now - we're in the library.
Student: Nope, zero does not exist in my world. Only ten and eleven.

Student: You got kids, right Ms K?
Me: Nope.
Student: But you're married?
Me: Nope.
Student, giving me side eyes: I coulda sworn you got married...

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