Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Circus Thrills, Haunted House Chills

What do circuses and haunted houses have in common? They're both theatrical, adrenaline-inducing, and interactive. Also, clowns. This weekend Jesus and I went to a circus (tradition!) and a haunted house (new tradition!). Both had me holding my breath with anticipation, though they went about it different ways.

Midnight Circus
This was our third Midnight Circus, and we're still amazed by all the feats. Well, Jesus is less amazed and more "Ah yes, I know how that is done and it requires great skill," but we're both impressed. We love the comedy throughout, and how even though the performers are all highly talented, they don't take themselves seriously. In its tenth year, Midnight Circus continues to show us the good in our city. Plus, proceeds go to our parks! #keepitlocal

Statesville Haunted Prison
For our second haunted house of spooky season, we went with a group to Statesville. The prison theme, while not exactly original, does give the walk through a cohesive narrative. Instead of random scares or unconnected scenes of gore, we're told a twisted sort of story. Most importantly, the sets, props, effects, and actors are all top notch. Very little (if anything) took me out of the moment, leaving me the freedom to jump, scream, and laugh my way through.

In a month of gray skies, ridiculous political shenanigans, and few holidays, make sure to find something that'll take you out of your typical routine. If it makes your heart beat faster, all the better.

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