Thursday, September 15, 2016

An Asian Variation

The casual connection between this post's restaurants is the continent their cuisines originated from - the food itself varies from "traditional" Asian-American fare (stir-fry, rice and noodle dishes) to sushi to Vietnamese sandwiches. The real connection is yours truly, a satisfied eater of each of these establishments' specialties.

Hot Woks Cool Sushi
Good For: date night, late night carry out, or lazy day delivery.
Ambiance: intimate, but not intimidating.
Notes: BYOB! We like the Pad Thai, bento boxes, crab rangoon, and sushi.

Manee Thai
Good For: dinner with friends and trying a variety of Asian cuisines
Ambiance: dimmed lights and lots of conversation.
Notes: BYOB! The servings are large, but I prefer HWCS's flavor.

Bahn Mi Ba'Get
Good For: a working lunch, or a sandwich to go.
Ambiance: fast-casual sandwich counter, plus plenty of on-theme decor to view while eating in.
Notes: There are four locations in Chicago!

Gorilla/Godzilla Sushi
Good For: late night sushi cravings.
Ambiance: I've never been inside, but we're regulars for delivery.
Notes: At 2.95 a roll, you can't really go wrong. My favorite is the Golden California roll.

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