Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Book of Joe

The Book of JoeThe Book of Joe by Jonathan Tropper
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Jonathan Tropper does what he does best: tell the story of a man, his past, and how it made him who he is today. This time it's Joe, a writer returning to the hometown he put on blast in his first novel to visit his ailing father and come to terms with why he left in the first place.

First thoughts: TBOJ reminded me some of small-town living, thought I make it back to Colby more than once every 17 years.

Favorite quote: "She was terribly concerned with the general transience of things and the imperfect random nature of memory." -p131

Recommended for: lovers of "slice of life" lit, fans of Tropper, people needing a book for a bus, train, or plane.

Final thoughts: It was okay. Not Tropper's best (it is early Tropper, so admittedly he gets better). Some parts felt contrived yet predictable. Sweet, sad, interesting characters.

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