Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Night Links 29

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! And what a week it was - CPS went from potentially ending the school year next week and back to the original plan of ending mid-June. Thanks politics!

Since I've joined a Teaching Fellowship, different sorts of websites and articles appeal to me. I've been calling this new adventure my test period for teaching, since I don't necessarily want to dive in without knowing if I a) enjoy it and/or b) want to work to be good at it. While I don't have a definitive answer to those questions yet, reading a few of these posts has helped me think about them in different ways.

What is it like working in a cash-strapped public school system? How much time do you have? (I agree with some of these things, others not as much.)

Reminder: intelligence is not fixed. Instead of telling students they are "smart," motivate them to put in the hard work.

Thoughts I've had as an introvert. Because burnout is real.

Finally: teaching middle school is the best and the worst.

Now go hug a teacher. :)

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