Monday, April 4, 2016

My Favorite Insta-Poets

This poetry month, I hope to inform you about poetry in general, share a few poems themselves, and introduce you to some new poets (or remind you of old favorites!). Today I'm going super modern with poets on social media.

Poetry and poets are everywhere - in our favorite songs, in the books we read, in the margins of notebooks, and on graffitied bathroom stalls and brick walls. Recently I started following several poets on my favorite social media platform, Instagram. These "Insta-Poets" share short poems, images ripe for descriptive verse, and pieces of their lives via carefully chosen words. Check them out and be entertained, inspired, and grateful for platforms that allow human connections in such a simple way.

Carson Patrick Bowie (carson.patrick.bowie)
"Anything you've got to say
will only tell me who you are,
I already know me."

KK Meade (kk.meade)
"Don't leave an inch
of me untouched--
and if you think that
strictly means skin,
well then, you don't
know much about love."

Marisa Crane (marisa_crane)
"i'll know that
i'm finally happy
the day that i invite
the demons knocking
at my door to come in
and sit down for tea
while i take a seat
nearby and smile
at how old and
tired they all look."

R. M. Drake (rmdrk)
"So keep looking my love, something soon
will find you and something soon will speak to you
and it will not be too late.

Because it's never too late."

Tyler Knott Gregson (tylerknott)
"I know you'll find me
in every life we shall live.
I was made for you."

Amanda Torroni (amandatorroni)
"Maybe love doesn't make a grand entrance.
Maybe it's not an arrow through the heart, or a
knockout punch. Maybe love sneaks in. The
arrow barely grazes the skin. The gloves come
off. Maybe when love shows up, it does so
imperceptibly, with hands like seasons. You
don't know how or why everything's changed,
but there's no denying you've been touched."

Andy M (andymwrites)
"because she
just wants
to be loved,
she has to
live open
to pain.
that/s the
thing about
tender hearts;
they bruise
so easily--
but they love
so much more."

Michael Xavier (michael_xavier_writer)
"There is much
less evil in
the world than
you think -

You see, most
people aren't
against you -
They're just
for themselves."

Nikita Gill (nikita_gill)
"Seven billion people, and some of us have just had
the best day of their lives. Today may have been
the very worst day of yours. But take solace and
celebrate this simple fact. It wasn't your best day
today, but it is on its way, because we all get lucky
in turn."

Rio Jones (riojones7)
"We know each other
without ever talking
the way the sun
has known the moon."

Tony Ciampa (emolabs)
"On some days I dream of
mansions other days, a home
for two
Oh I dream of what I don't have
so much less when I'm with you"

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