Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Things My Students Say 2

Besides overhearing hilarious conversations, I also get a lot of great one-liners from my students directed towards me. Do they mean to be so funny? Rarely.

"Those glasses make you look old."
"You look like you work at a bank. Chase Bank." 
"Are you 32? Do you have a house? Do you have a son?" -still fishing for personal info. 
Me (to a student who had gone on our field trip to O'Hare): I heard you guys saw Air Force One!
Student: Yeah! And we saw the plane that President Obama rides in! 
In the middle of a test: "TATTOOS EQUALS LIFE!" 
"You're basically middle-aged, right?" 
"I heard that if you get your nose pierced you lose your sense of smell." 
"You look old. It's not bad, it's just how you look."
Same student, a week later: "You look young today. Sorry, should I stop talking?"

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