Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Martian (Movie)

Jesus and I saw this movie with my parents when they visited last month (and lucky me, I get to see them again in just a week...maybe we'll go see the final Hunger Games installment, *wink wink*). When I first saw the trailer, I almost spoiled Interstellar for Jesus (Matt Damon needs to be rescued from space in two movies?), but luckily it would take more than that admission to spoil this gem. The book version has made its way to my list out of curiosity's sake, but on its own, The Martian is visually transporting.

Yes, the movie brings up many questions: should we (would we) spend millions of dollars in resources and time and risk other human lives to save one man? How much value do we place on certain lives over others, and on certain information above taking the safest course of action? What amazing things could we accomplish if/when we reach a state of sending humans to Mars? And, most importantly, what do space potatoes taste like?

Beyond those questions, though, The Martian takes us on an expansive ride to another planet and deep inside the mind of a solitary individual. The pacing of the film made sure we never laughed or cried too long before switching back to the other, and it was easy to leave the movie thinking, "Yeah, I could grow plants on Mars too," and also "I'd never be so positive after all those obstacles." In other words: Matt Damon was at the same time a regular, relatable guy, and also an inspiring and razor sharp optimist. I am both relieved and jealous I'll never be an astronaut.

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