Thursday, November 19, 2015

Report Card Pick Up

Growing up in a small school district (ie, worlds different than CPS) means I never experienced a Report Card Pick Up day as a student. Report cards were mailed home or handed to us, and Parent-Teacher Conferences came later - not during the school day. As a current teacher, I can only guess that teaching and conferencing must be exhausting to do on the same day, knowing they both tire me out on their own. This tiredness is the good kind, though. The kind that means you got things done.

Since Citizen Schools isn't graded, we aren't on our students' report cards, but we still set up a table in the cafeteria to talk with a good number of parents about what we're doing in program and to tell them about our upcoming WOW! (like an exhibition or showcase for our students to share what they've been creating in class this semester). It feels good to be at a point in the year where I know what we're about and can start to visualize what success will look like at this school. It felt even better to meet some of my students' parents in person, and to share with them the progress their child is making.

I'm happy to be heading towards Thanksgiving break with those positive interactions under my belt. I'm excited to build on those interactions in these last few days of class. Finally, I'm looking forward to finishing out the semester on a strong note when we get back in December!

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