Thursday, July 18, 2013

Movies in the Park

When the sun sets and the mosquitoes come out, you can find summer-loving Chicagoans at their local parks, catching a movie at dusk.

Jesus and I braved the intense heat to see Hotel Transylvania at Riis Park last night. After a small heat tantrum (mine) calmed by patience (his) and dinner (ours, from Burger King--did you know they have veggie burgers and sweet potato fries?), we settled in on the AstroTurf soccer field along with the rest of the moviegoers.

Everyone loves free movies, but Wednesday night + family friendly animated film = an average viewer age of about 7. Jesus and I were most likely the oldest people there without kids. And while the movie had its adult humor moments (a zombie-mannequin gag and a crack at backpackers who listen to Dave Matthews and Slipknot), it was solidly a bathroom humor, implausibly goofy kid movie.

In a reversed-role universe, monsters see humans as evil. Count Dracula builds a magnificent hotel whose main feature is its human-proof safeness, a place where monsters can vacation worry-free and his daughter, Mavis, can grow up away from the dangers of non-monsters. At her 118th birthday bash, monsters of all shapes and sizes gather to celebrate--and one human, 21-year old Jonathan, slips in unexpectedly. Now Dracula must protect Mavis from this interesting intruder while at the same time convincing his guests his hotel is still protected from outsiders.

Jesus and I both enjoyed the movie for its quirky humor and fun, albeit predictable, storyline. We also enjoyed matching the characters' voices with their human actor counterparts. Adam Sandler as Dracula surprised us, but we both guessed Steve Buscemi as Wayne Werewolf and David Spade as Griffin the Invisible Man. Cee Lo Green, Selena Gomez, Kevin James, Fran Drescher, Molly Shannon, and Andy Samberg also star, and if you are wondering if there's a lot of singing, the answer is yes.

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