Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Celebrating Freedom

After a full weekend of family time and wedding time and high school reunion time, I have a short work week before another event-filled long weekend.

Bailey is on her way to Chicago as I type and Quinn & his friend Rachel will join us tomorrow for Happy  Birthday America festivities in the city. We will end the holiday weekend with a family reunion/Dave Matthews Band concert in Wisconsin.

It's just occurring to me that Bailey is probably at O' Hare right now. Since she has a track phone she tries not to waste any minutes and we didn't plan on communicating unless she had problems. I haven't heard from her yet, so I'm hoping that means she is somewhere on her way to the Blue Line.

Earlier today, but after she was already on the bus, I realized I hadn't told her to get off at Terminal 2 for CTA, or that it now costs $5 to get on the Blue Line from O' Hare, or suggested that she get off at California instead of Western since the walk is a bit shorter, but I figure any woman who is as jet-setting as she is can surely figure out how to get around in America.

Tonight we will get $3 burgers from a place near Mercy Home so we can see old friends/Britney before she leaves for her Independence Day journey to Philadelphia. Plus, Bailey and I figured we should hit up the bar scene while we can, before the under 21 babies get here. :)

Tomorrow I will work while Bailey plays, then once everyone is together we will start celebrating Freedom, Justice, America, Summer, Family, Beaches, Food, Suntanning, Picnics, Cotton Candy, Love, Friends, Fireworks....you know, all the important things.

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