Saturday, July 27, 2013

As the Coloradans Do

At the height of summer, I love living in the city. The whole place is alive and there are always things to do, even if what I actually choose to do is binge on Netflix shows.
At the height of summer, M goes to sleepaway camp, meaning I have more free time and flexibility with my schedule.
At the height of summer, My boyfriend's birthday and my birthday are five days apart.
At the height of summer, there is a national parkour jam in Boulder/Denver, Colorado.

Did you put it all together? While it seems silly to leave Chicago during its best season, sometimes one must get out even as millions of tourists pour in. Jesus and I are set to fly out to Colorado early Tuesday morning to spend the week flipping, jumping, hiking, sightseeing, and exploring in the foothills of the Rockies.

Traveling on a budget means we will stay at the parkour gym, shower at the local rec center, and milk the heck out of free birthday swag at local cafes and restaurants. Jesus has a three day training certification course, so I will have several days to wander downtown Boulder (population ~100,000). I'm excited to take myself on dates and have already planned an excursion to a tea factory, plenty of coffee house chillaxing, and self-guided biking/walking tours.

No worries, I won't hog all the fun touristy things to myself--I'll make sure to include Jesus in nature walks, checking out new places to eat, and obligatory scenery-gazing. Before all that happens, though, I have to do laundry and pack...or watch another episode of something on Netflix.

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