Thursday, May 6, 2010

This bothers me

Let's talk about how much I hate this commercial.

Okay. You're watching TV in the living room, and your daughter/wife comes in to vacuum. Do you:
(a)Turn off the TV and help her, then watch something together.
(b)Move to the basement to watch.

You chose (b). You are a tool. While watching TV in the basement, your son comes in to workout. Do you:
(a)Turn off the TV and join him.
(b)Move to the den to watch.

You chose (b) again. You are a piece of work. While watching TV in the den, your younger son gives away the end. Do you:
(a)Turn of the TV and play a game with him.
(b)Change the channel and watch something together with him.
(c)Move to the garage to watch.

You chose (c). You have a TV in your garage? Unbelievable. While watching TV in the garage (which is where you should be sleeping), the garage door starts to open. Do you:
(a)Get out of the way, then get out of the house and never come back. If you lived alone, no one would interrupt your TV watching.
(b)Move to the....where else could you possibly have a TV??

If you haven't guessed, I think this commercial sucks. Why don't you try to sell me a TV by showing my how I can completely remove myself from my family? While you're at it, reinforce gender roles by having a woman do housework and a skinny kid work out.


  1. love this. have you seen that phone company commercial?? ah it is so frustrating. It shows different situations of families that can now afford phone lines:
    Middle class caucasian family with like 10 kids can now buy all of their kids (over 10 yrs of age) a phone line. they are well dressed on their nice front porch. yay.
    the last family is latino. it is a woman (of course there is no father in the picture) and her two kids. she can take out extra phone lines "without adding a second mortgage"

    OF COURSE the latino family has a shitty house, mortgage, and no father.
    i hate society.

  2. gah. yeah, and then i watched a Disney movie last night and ranted about the fact that none of the princesses have mothers and can apparently only make friends with talking animals, not people.