Sunday, April 25, 2010

finishing up

Alright, rounded off Earth Week by (unintentionally, but whatever) going off the grid: no computer or phone for me. Friday was for saving water (shorter shower with cooler water, no water bottles, laundry in energy efficient machine) and Saturday/Sunday were a kind of Pay It Forward/Sabbath Day (pick up trash outside, take a nap).

The Darjeeling LimitedThe ItalianI checked out The Italian from the library the other day without even reading the back of the box. It really has nothing to do with Italy or Italians, and it's actually in Russian, but I liked it.

I also got The Darjeeling Limited (again didn't read the summary on the back), but Adrian Brody has a way with me.


Only three weeks left here. Dear Lord, please help me not go crazy.

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