Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2.5 Weeks Left, People.

Sorting through all the S.W.A.G. from the Cap 'n' Gown BBQ this afternoon makes me wonder what being an alumnus is all about. I was excited to see a biodegradable ("naturally biodegrades over 1-5 years in a properly managed landfill") coffee mug, and I gather a graduate should be environmentally conscious and on-the-go. Then I noticed the plastic bag the biodegradable coffee mug came in, so maybe they don't expect us to be too aware. The "ST. NORBERT COLLEGE ALUMNI" window decal implies that I will have a window, whether vehicular or stationary, to call my own. The item I'm not so sure about could either be a paperweight, candle holder or coaster. Or it could light up and start buzzing, letting me know a table is ready for me at Applebee's. And the items of the night: my cap and my gown, complete with the white tassel for my BA, and my study abroad sash, featuring three stripes of green, white and red. It's for real, people. I'm graduating.

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