Friday, December 18, 2015

State Street Shopping

Neither Jesus and I consider ourselves "shopppers," but we do love a day outside of the house and plenty of people to watch. If we can cross a few items off our Christmas lists, even better. This year we walked through Christkindlemarket on our way to State Street, picking out what we would have eaten, were we hungry and the lines not so long. Then we popped in to a few stores to get out of the rain and to browse the sales before getting sucked into Macy's for several hours.

We spent the rest of the afternoon testing out recliners and sectional sofas, riding escalators, gawking at diners in the Walnut Room from the viewing level above, finding a portrait of Seth Meyers, eating a late lunch in the food court, and walking through Holiday Lane. For being such a capitalism-centered activity, a day at Macy's is a thrifty date for us.

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