Monday, December 2, 2013

Two Rivers

There's a lot going on in T. Greenwood's Two Rivers. We've got racism, single fatherhood, teen pregnancy, war, depression, widowerhood, gender roles, murder...pretty much anything that creates drama is thrown in the mix. This could make for a confusing, rambling mess, but Greenwood does a fine job of weaving these issues and concepts into a story.

I don't know how to write a plot summary for this book that includes all the storylines and isn't several paragraphs long, so feel free to read some reviews that have already summarized the events of Harper Montgomery's life and his connection to a young survivor from a local train crash.

The story develops little by little, like a slow burn, but then it explodes in the last few chapters. I think the book could be streamlined more--it could use a few more revisions to remove superfluous descriptions and flourishes--but the concrete details and events kept me interested. This would be a good book club read (I actually got it from someone who read it in their book club).

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