Tuesday, December 31, 2013

'Tis the Season

Are we all jolly? I like December--I have no idea why, I don't particularly like snow or cold or shopping or decorating--but I had a good month of reading and writing and thinking. I hope everyone had "happy" holidays and I wish everyone a "happy" new year in a few hours. Here's our last How to Be Happy of 2013:
  1. Look forward to the approach of strong or unusual weather. It's one thing to look forward to it. It's another to enjoy it as it happens.
  2. Attend a trial. Hmmm...the trial of getting myself to do dishes? Present.
  3. Feel your pain. I think everyone who knows me knows I feel all my pain.
  4. Write down everything you do. I did do this for one day--kept a day-long activity journal. It was as boring as it sounds.
  5. Do what comes easily/naturally. Who doesn't love staying in their comfort zone?
  6. Create an ad. I tweeted links to my blog. That's advertising, right?
  7. Ask off-the-wall questions. I am a weird question asker...as in both myself and the question are weird. 
  8. Buy some clothes in a thrift store. Check.
  9. Play in the snow. Check--my brother and I made a slide going down the deck stairs at my parents' house.
  10. Welcome a friend or new neighbor. Becca's not exactly a "new" neighbor...but she is the most recent arrival to our neighborhood.
  11. Choose someone you know and pretend you've just met. I do this to Jesus for fun, usually when we are somewhere like Target.
  12. Redecorate your home. Check! New rug, new curtains, new sheets all set to go for the new year.
  13. Take a sauna or steam bath. Check. Our bathroom has no ventilation.
  14. Respond promptly to everyone. Check.
  15. Begin a long-term project and work on it a little every day. Like this blog?
  16. Look at the world from the highest point you can find. I haven't been on my roof in a while (since it got cold), but that's the highest point around here.
  17. Prepare your home for the holidays. Check! My home and work. That's a lot of decorating for a girl who doesn't really like decorating.
  18. Look through an art book. Nope. Sorry, art. Maybe next year.
  19. Have your child invite a new friend over. Not exactly, but I did babysit for six kids over Christmas vacation. Lots of new friends!
  20. Pay for someone today. I bought Jesus snacks and got M coffee.
  21. Do a ritual burning. We burn our candles nightly at the Naw.
  22. Take a walk at night. Check.
  23. Try a different approach to parenting. My approach is to not be a parent quite yet.
  24. Be easily awestruck. I'm usually awestruck by really simple things, like candles or plants.
  25. Give a unique gift by saying something special to loved ones. Check.
  26. Organize your bookshelves. I have a book tower. It's organized by order-to-read: top first, then work my way down.
  27. Do nothing. Check.
  28. Change your outgoing message. I don't know if I have one of those, or how to change it if I do. I'm not technology-smart and neither is my phone.
  29. Play Charades. Haven't done that yet...maybe we will play tonight?
  30. Start to write a book or short story. Check. :)
  31. Think about your purpose in life. Always.

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