Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election 2012

Did you vote today? I hope so--as American citizens it's one of the coolest rights we have. I don't particularly care who you voted for; I think it's more important to understand and exercise the right...regardless of if your electoral votes agree with your personal vote.

Take me, for example. My vote in Obama's hometown (whether for or against Obama) technically doesn't matter. Illinois went Obama blue pretty much as soon as polls closed at 7. If I could vote in my home state of Wisconsin, though, my vote (Republican, Democrat, Independent, or Green) would feel a lot more substantial. I still felt it important to get out this morning and join my fellow 13th precinctians. And now, no matter the result, I have the extended right to complain about politics for the next four years. Everyone knows you aren't allowed to complain unless you voted.

Brooke and I are currently watching election coverage. Four years ago, I was pretty sure Obama would win. Tonight, it's not as certain. What I'm most interested in is how they are coloring the ice rink after each state goes red or blue. Happy Election Night!

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