Thursday, November 8, 2012

Car Troubles & Triumphs

I don't own a car. Never have, most likely never will. Here's why:

Car maintenance is confusing/frustrating/expensive.

Also, I manage quite superbly without a car. Between my bike, CTA, and friends with cars, I can always get to where I need to be.

And yet: all of my post-grad jobs have required driving. Luckily, driving itself is not the problem for me. Unluckily, my current position also involves oil changes, filling up with gas, wiper fluid, and coolant, and disconnecting/reconnecting batteries to reprogram a locked radio.

I can't say I'm a savvy car mechanic after accomplishing all that, but I do feel justified in my annoyance at the car dealer who suggested I bring the car in to reset the radio since 'it might be confusing' for me. Whatever that was supposed to mean, I calmly asked that he explain the steps over the phone so I didn't have to waste gas driving all the way to him. Turns out it wasn't all that confusing once I knew what to do, surprise surprise.

I'm still not convinced I'll ever want a car.

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