Monday, April 16, 2012

Meditation 2011

[I found this with poems from last year, about the time I was deep in acupuncture, spiritual direction, and personal meditation. I still don't know where I read/heard about sea v. tree poets or what it really means or which camp I'm in.]

Someone once said poets
are either Sea Poets or Tree Poets.
Was it Yeats?
Does not knowing-the source
or my answer-mean I'm neither?

I prefer a forest
thick with trees
wet with rain freshly fallen
It surrounds me, shelters me.

But what of the sea?
She is wide open
makes me feel untethered
I could float away or grow
so big to fill all that space.

I think I aspire to sea-ness
to being okay with the wide open
roaring silence,
but for now I'll stick to the
safety of trees wet with rain.

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