Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday Funday

One of my favorite lines recently has been, "When you're funemployed, every day is a day off!" It takes the bite out of thinking about endless boring days and answers the question, "When do you have a free day to hang out?" for my friends. The more I experience funemployment, though, I realize every day is also a day on.

Take Sunday: rainy, chilly, the city was busy sleeping or buying groceries for football parties to take place later in the afternoon. I had been to a housewarming party the night before. Ideally I'd be sleeping off a hangover, at the very least just sleeping in. Instead I was up at 8, gauging my adrenaline level so I didn't overdo it on coffee. Interviews always make me anxious, but it takes me a while to wake up in the morning. Too much coffee and I'd be super buzzing, words crashing out of my mouth and hands unable to stay still; too little and I'd still be asleep even after the bus ride to Andersonville, where I was headed to meet a family for a possible nanny position.

I erred on the side of too much coffee: for me it's usually better to weaken the brain-to-mouth filter than to have it on high alert. When I don't talk people say I look sad or angry. I headed out, even bringing an umbrella. I never bring umbrellas. They're too much trouble I think. But umbrellas make people look mature and prepared, like someone you'd trust your child with.

I don't believe in jinxing, but I'm going to refrain from describing the interview at this point. Until further notice, let's just say I'm still working odd jobs and doing support at Mercy. I did somehow manage to construct a fairly busy week, though. A few extra shifts, then leaving on Friday for Madison/home!

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