Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Guess what happened today!?!?!? The 'Naw got internet. After a frustrating evening spent doing more electrical work that I should be trusted with, Frank came over this morning and fixed us up real nice. I can't get the wireless to work on my hp, which means I have to stay connected to the modem, but I crafted myself a makeshift office in the living room annex area. (This area also turns into my second bedroom when my room smells like fresh paint. So versatile!)

In life updates, I'm pretty solidly unemployed. I pick up odd shifts at Mercy when they need support, but that's not guaranteed. I've had a few interviews for full-time nanny positions, so hopefully I'm working again before too long.

But until then, I'm enjoying the shit out of funemployment. I figure there's no point moping around lamenting the fact that despite a year of pro bono service, no one is jumping to hire me...I might as well take advantage of this forced vacation. Here are things I do in my obnoxiously abundant spare time:

-look for and apply to jobs/go on interviews (I'm not just lounging around, I promise! Why do I feel like a few of you are wondering that...)
-run (No kidding. Who the heck am I? Nearly 3 miles daily. wtf?!)
-organize/rearrange things in my apartment (No one is surprised by this, I'm sure.)
-grocery shop
-brainstorm inventive tweets
-mod podge/make collages
-hang out in the Bucktown/Wicker Park library
-write (Probably the best part: all this time to write stuff...if I could only find someone to subsidize my life expenses so I could continue this lifestyle.)
-make food
-eat food
-ride my bike around Chicago, but mostly to the Charleston
-ChaCha all my life questions since (until today) internet was scarce
-blast music

As you can see, I keep myself fairly busy. Miss and love you all!

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