Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's Official: I'm a Sox Fan.

Yesterday, Jillian, Kate and I had had enough. We pulled everything off the shelves in our pantry, cleaned, resorted everything, and put things back in their proper places. We didn't stop with the pantry, though. Both freezers and fridges got a deep clean too. Things in mysterious packaging got thrown out to make room for the large donation of food the kitchen sent to us--turns out they over-ordered for programs. One call from reception and ta-da! our apartment is bequeathed with excess bread, bakery items, and cereal.

Another call from reception made Kate and I the lucky owners of tickets for the Sox game last night. She literally called us twenty minutes before the game started, so Kate and I quickly got ready and hopped on the L. Eight stops later, we joined the crowds of people still entering U.S. Cellular Field as fireworks exploded overhead (we got there late, just as Morel hit his homerun in the third inning).

Now that I've been to both a Cubs and a Sox game, I think it's okay for me to officially be a Sox fan. The Sox game was far more interesting and the fans actually cheered for their team, who in turn actually won.

The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed AmericaWhen Kate and I got back from the game, organizational inspirations struck again and I (with the help of Britney, Diego, and Kevin) rearranged our computer room. Now I am enjoying the positive feng shui in here and debating over whether I should take a walk outside in the rainy grayness or stay in to finish the awesome book I'm reading (The Devil in the White City, Erik's about Chicago).


  1. Rachel You make my day by following your day, I am inspired. Keep up the good works. Gma

  2. The book you are reading is the first book we read when I was in book club. Yes, it was good. I'm still trying to think of some ideas for when you have to cook. Your TX caviar is good.

  3. Casey's a Sox fan, too! But so far we've only been to a Cubs game...