Thursday, September 30, 2010

Community Bowls Me Over

There's nothing better than a day off right after a day off. Thursdays are to me what Sundays are to people who work regular hours and I take full advantage of mine. I've got a date planned with one of my roommates, I'll probably nap at some point, and I'm even doing a load of laundry.

Yesterday, my Saturday, I woke up early to do yoga at the dance studio across the street. Their fall session is "Pay What You Can," which is a pretty good deal. When I came back, Diego, Britney, and I made an egg scramble for breakfast before heading to the beach. The weather was perfect, and because it was a Wednesday afternoon in September, we had the beach pretty much to ourselves.

When we got back it was about time to start Community Night. First, Kevin and Megan fed us one of the best meals I've had since I got here. Our activity for the night was bowling (the Wisconsinites rocked this activity), but first we had a discussion about any concerns or props we had about community. The usual things--chores not being done, things being messy--were hashed again, but it was also good to hear that some people have been feeling left out or have been having troubles getting into community. We can guess these things, but no one really knows until it's actually talked about. Everyone in the community also gave props to each other for being honest, respecting each other, and being way fun.

Finally, we got our new simple living challenge. First we had to write down one thing we do to prepare ourselves for the day or destress after a long day, then we each got someone else's de-stresser. Diego got mine, which is to booty dance to loud music, and I got Megan's, which is to listen to this song everyday (generally before work). I'll leave you with my favorite version so far:

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