Monday, February 9, 2009

sights and sounds of the weekend

Alright, finally got the pictures. And some videos I took at the game. I just took them with my digital camera so they aren't the best videos, but you can hear some of the singing and cheering at least.

Now it's back to studying for the Italian quiz I have tomorrow.

photos photos photos


  1. In the 28th picture I can see a guy wearing a hooded sweatshirt under his leather jacket. Whew, I was worried when you said you didn't see many of those. You look wonderful in the pictures but I had to laugh because the roommates are wearing subtle colors and you have on the bold, bright stripes!

  2. HI Rach Your looking great and sound like its a great experience. I want you to know you are also helping gmak on this end. I run up and down stairs more to check the computer to see your latest entry. Exercise is good. love gmak