Thursday, February 12, 2009


It's been some time since I've been on here...can you believe I actually have to go to class and do homework? School is going pretty well, though, even if I do spend the entirety of stats thinking about what I'm going to make for supper when I get home.

I decided to blog again because I have something to confess: I got hopelessly lost in Rome today. I signed up for this community service thing through John Cabot where you speak at Italian high schools, in their English classes. Since they learn English starting young it's cool for them to hear native speakers, which they rarely (if ever) get.

I was all set to do that this morning, had bus directions and everything...and somewhere between the 271 bus and the 301 bus I got lost. I asked a few people for directions, but I've learned Italians aren't so talented in that area. Because they mostly said "up the hill and turn right" which did not help.

What upset me the most was not making it to the high school, but then I realized I didn't know at all where I was. After walking around a bunch I found a bus stop for the 301 and got on that, looking for the a connecting stop since I know the 301 doesn't go into Trastevere. At one point we went past the Stadio Olimpico so I got off there to find the 280, which we took on Sunday. So everything was fine; I really did know where I was.

And hopefully I'll try again next week to find the high school, this time with better directions.

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