Friday, January 23, 2009

weekend plans and updates

I finally have a mailbox! So my complete address (for letters) is:

Rachel Kaiser/Mailbox 450
c/o John Cabot University
Via della Lungara 233
00165 Roma

Also, here is my cell number here:


Just remember I'm seven hours ahead so it's probably not the best idea to call 8 pm, CST. Because hopefully I'm asleep then. :)

There are no classes on Fridays here; I might do some grocery shopping, take a few pictures around Trastevere...who knows, I might even pull out some homework to get it done before the weekend.

On Sunday we are taking a day trip to Tuscany to see the beautiful countryside and take in a traditional Italian 3-course lunch. The weather is supposed to be nice with just some morning rain and then highs in the low 50s...can't say I'm missing Wisconsin winter!

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