Saturday, November 12, 2011

Eleven Eleven

Besides witnessing hipsters cheering for a full minute and snapping iPhone pictures of the date/time clock on the bus yesterday at 11:11 PM, nothing else really marked the day. Throughout the entire month of November, though, I've had several special moments that endear me to November. A few posts ago, I expressed a hope that November would be my month. Here are several reasons why so far it is:

Employment: You already know about this. I start on Monday! A lot of people have asked me what "house manager" means, and I honestly have no idea. I researched it and found this: "The titles of Butler and House Manager (HM) are often interchangeable and can have the most varied meanings in the business." So there you go.

Working Laptop: Sometime during October (a month that, when placed next to November, as it always is, pales) my laptop screen decided to take a little break. I strained to see anything until I unplugged the power cord. For some mysterious reason, the screen would only stay at full brightness when running on battery power. This meant I had about 1.5 hours to use my laptop before the screen really went dark. Unless I was on more than one website, playing music, or watching a video, then I had about 40 minutes. It was rough. About a week ago, though, the good old HP healed itself. I have no idea why it works again except that it is November and the universe has decided to smile on me.

First Snow: Doesn't matter if I don't want snow just yet, or if it was pitiful flakes that melted as soon as they hit the ground, for a Wisconsinite the first snow is always magical.

Television: This is a tricky one. After several furniture rearrangements ending with everything in the same place it started in, my roommates, Brit's mom, Adam, and I set up our television in the previously empty corner of our living room. After we scanned for channels and Judge Judy showed up on the screen, we let out a sigh of relief, but also one of knowing we were no longer the people without a TV. Not having a TV used to be our thing. It was something visitors always commented on as we sat on the couches and--God forbid--actually had a conversation. Now we are have nothing to set us apart from our crazy neighbors. On the other hand, we can now watch football in sweatpants on Sundays.

Visiting Sisters: Surprise! Bailey is coming to visit me today. It was a last minute thing, but I can only guess the month of November had something to do with it.

Now if only there was a day in November when it would be appropriate for me to express my gratitude for these things by eating far too much and falling asleep on a couch somewhere.

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