Monday, November 23, 2009

almost finito...

Even though this week of school is only two days long, it's one of my busiest this semester.

I had a paper due in one class today a group paper/presentation in my other one. The paper was on breaching social norms. I did this by bringing a regular mug of coffee to class instead of putting it in a travel mug. I didn't mean for this to be weird at first, but people made comments about it so I continued my experiment at work in order to write the paper on it.

The group project was on the Oneida Community of the 1800s, which became the Oneida Corporation Ltd...yes, that means all of that silverware was first manufactured by a bunch of communists. Communists who believed in complex marriage (all men married to all women) nonetheless.

I just finished the paper due tomorrow morning for art class, the one comparing The Assumption of the Virgin to Untitled (Portrait of Ross in L.A.). Then I have a book discussion and finally I have to do a lesson plan for my tutoring session Wednesday morning.

Then I can come home!!

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